King Brno

"King" crowned in Brno

Fuel the extraordinary:  Again a Eukanuba fed dog won "Best in show" (BIS) at a major event.  Last night, out of over 14'500 dogs registered for the EDS 2014, the Wire Fox Terrier 'UK Ch King Arthur van Foliny Home'- aka simply "King"- in a breath taking final took the crown as Europe's most beautiful.

"King" is a true cosmopolitan dog:  He was bred in Belgium by Rony de Munter and Dieny Uiterwijk and is currently living in Wales with his handler Warren Bradley from where he is travelling the globe to win at the finest shows.  Owners are Rony, Dieny and Victor Malzoni (Brazil); his highness' food supplier is Mike Bloxsome, Boss of the Eukanuba UK Breeder Team.


Last night, at least 5 of the 10 finalsits were fed on Eukanuba; amongst those was also Vibe Borregard Madsen, a longstanding Eukanuba breeder ambassador from Denmark, delivering a great show with her fabulous English springer Spaniels.


EDS 2014 - very positive résumé

The four days of FCI's Europe Section Show are over.  The halls of the Brno Central Europe Exhibition Center saw over 20'000 dog entries and an audience of more than 30'000 - exhibitors and visiting dog (show) fans.


In an interview for the Eukanuba live-streaming the FCI unanomously echoed the excellent feedback by breeders and visitors alike:  It was an extremely well organized mega dog event, the biggest EDS ever; and the atmosphere throughout the days and in the halls was as wonderful and relaxed as full of excitement for the competitions - a true celebration of the passion for pure breed dogs in Europe.

For Eukanuba...


EWC Qualifying: Israel for the first time, Latvia for the fourth

On Saturday afternoon the EWC Qualifying competition saw an impressive line-up of 14 top dogs from Azerbaijan to Iceland and from San Marino to Macedonia.  Not an easy job for FCI allround judge Barbara Mueller who in front of an uadience of ca. 2.000 thrilled dog enthusiasts had to select to two contestants winning a ticket to the 2014 EWC Finals in Amsterdam.


After an intense pre-judging and another 30 minutes of presentation in the main ring Barbara Mueller finally called out the Shih Tzu from Israel and the Chihuahua from Latvia.  While for small Latvia it's already the fourth time thier dog makes it to the EWC Finals, Israel was celebrating their first ever participation.


EWC Finals 2014 at the Amsterdam Winner Show – Places Change but the Passion Remains

In the wake of the EWC's relocation to Amsterdam, work has begun to take this year's Finals to the proverbial next level.  Over 35 dogs representing the best from around the globe will once again compete for this most unique and sought after title in the world of dogs and a prize money of Euro 7'500.


Master of Ceremony at Amsterdam Winner Show and FCI all-breeds judge Mr. Rony Doedjins spoke of the excitement surrounding this year's competition.  ”The Dutch Kennel Club is looking forward to welcoming exhibitors from around the world to the RAI, one of the most modern exposition centers in Europe, and to historical Amsterdam, a city known for its passion, pride and great hospitality!  The collaborative efforts between Eukanuba and the Dutch KC have been remarkable.  We are putting a lot of planning into the main ring design, including an entirely new layout of the arena with the goal of added drama as well as convenience for spectators and exhibitors”, said Mr Doedjins.  ”We think that visitors in December will be genuinely moved and excited by this year's program, and feel confident that the Winner Show and EWC 2014 in Amsterdam is perfectly positioned to become one of the best yet!”


Good bye Brno 2014 - hello Oslo 2015


Just before the BIS decisions the FCI flag was pulled down from above the main ring  and Rafael de Santiago, President of FCI, handed it over to the representatives of the Norwegian Kennel Club.  Norway will be hosting the Euro Dog Show in Oslo in 2015 (September 4-6).

The Norsk Kennel Klub (NKK) said, while they now have only some ten months to go and can see the home straight already their plans and preparations are well on track.  Eukanuba is a "Partner of Excellence" to the NKK since many years.

For more information about the EDS 2015 in Oslo click here: .


See you all in Amsterdam for the EWC Finals

The Eukanuba team at the EDS in Brno just when the last curtain had gone down:  Roxane, Joachim (AICOM agency), Jose Luis, Sima (AICOM), William; Mike and Lars (in the back).

Special thanks for their support go to:  Marian, Lajos, Birgit, Stoycho, Peter and the whole Placek crew.

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